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Many small businesses are shut out of getting their products certified due to the high prices involved.  This is often due to the "clumping" done by many certifiers whereby they place products from different industries in one box.  This leads to companies both big and small paying similar prices when despite the differences in size and product type.  Here at HNPA we have create a certification program to match the needs of small businesses.

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RangeMe Certification Partner

RangeMe is a digital platform that connects suppliers to buyers for large retailers including Whole Foods, Publix, Target, and more.   HNPA is a proud RangeMe Certification Partner on the RangeMe platform.  We help small businesses gain the attention of buyers who are looking for halal bath and body products.  Buyers can verify halal certification status in real time leading to faster decisions about accepting new products for their shelves.  Get more exposure for your products by joining the RangeMe platform and getting your products Halal Certified today!

The Tool You Need To Build A Successful Natural Product Line

Every day consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful chemicals used in big brand natural products.  Make your brand stand out with your commitment to producing all natural, safe, yet effective alternatives for the halal consumer.  Check out the latest from our blog about all the amazing growth happening in the halal personal care product industry and how your company can position itself for growth through halal certification:

Brand Spotlight

Reesha Skin Care

Servicing consumers in Canada, Reesha is a skincare brand that is on the rise! 

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Give your brand the recognition it deserves.  You work hard to create your handmade products.  Give your company distinction by getting your products "Certified as Halal" by the Halal Natural Products Academy. 

Our members wear our unique Handmade Halal Mark proudly on their products to let customers know- "this is a brand you can trust"!

*Unlawful use of Trademarked Logos and Emblems is subject to a $250,000 fine.  Only members of HNPA are eligible to use our Logos and Emblems.

Halal Certification for Personal Care Products



  • Certification of 5 products
  • Digital Certificate
  • Digital Seals to Use On Your Products and Social Media
  • 40% Off Certification on Additional Products
  • Free Business Building Workshops, Discounts on Classes, and More!