Our Story

HNPA was founded in Fall 2020 with one goal in mind: to inspire the next generation of Islamic Medicine practitioners and business owners to make useful, halal, natural products for all of humanity.

Learn About Our Programs

Here at HNPA we offer several certification programs and membership associations to help you be a leader in the field of halal health.  Watch this short video to learn about our Halal Certification Program, The Muslim Herbalist Guild, and The League of Islamic Medicine Practitioners.


Halal Certification

Give your products global distinction by using our halal mark on your labeling.  A mark customers can trust. Need help with label design? We do that too! Click here to learn more.

The Muslim Herbalist Guild

Join a growing association of Muslim herbalist from around the globe!  All members get special discounts on courses and certifications as well as free business workshops monthly! Learn more.

The League of Islamic Medicine Practitioners

Join a growing group of Islamic medicine practitioners.  We welcome practitioners from all modalities including ruqyah, hijamah, and more! Learn more.

Want to Deepen Your Knowledge of Islamic Medicine?

Become a student at The Ibn Al Qayyim School of Islamic Medicine at HNPA! We offer everything from weekend workshops to certification programs for adults and youth. 

Learn More

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