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Get your products Certified As Halal. Become a Registered Muslim Herbalist or a Registered Practitioner of Islamic Medicine. Gain International Recognition for your small business at an affordable price.

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Halal Certification for Your Products

Give your products global distinction by using our halal mark on your labeling. A mark customers can trust.

Application Assistance 

Our international staff is here to help you at every step.  

Affordable Application Fees. 

We are all about helping small, handmade, natural product businesses. 

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We have made it easier than ever for small companies to apply for Halal Certification.  


Give Your Brand The Recognition it Deserves

You work hard to create your handmade products.  Give your company the distinction it deserves by getting your products "Certified Halal". 

Our Members wear our unique Handmade Halal Mark proudly on their products to let customers know-- this is a brand you can trust!

*Unlawful use of Trademarked Logos and Emblems is subject to a $250,000 fine.  Only members of the Academy are eligible to use our Logos and Emblems.  

Brands We've Certified

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Become a Registered Muslim Herbalist or a Registered Islamic Medicine Practitioner!


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We are here to help you grow your Islamic wellness business!  All members of the Academy enjoy:

  • Access to the HNPA Application / Re-Certification Portal;
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook group;
  • Weekly Networking Events;
  • 50% Discount on Islamic Herbalism Courses;
  • Free Business Building Workshops for Handmade Businesses;
  • Certification Courses in Herbalism and Islamic Medicine;
  • A Certificate of Membership;
  • Rights to use our Trademarked Logos on your products, social media, and business stationary;
  • Free listing of your business and website on the HNPA website (coming soon);
  • Free listing of your class on the HNPA Online Events Calendar (coming soon);
  • Ability to be nominated for the HNPA Annual Academy Awards (coming soon);
  • Ability to earn 20% on all of our memberships by referring new members

Islamic Medicine Classes for all Members

All members have the ability to take advantage of our Islamic Herbal Medicine Classes for 50% off.  All of our classes are offered online and are self-paced.  Students are able to set their own schedule as they revive the beautiful Sunnah of Tibb an-Nabawi.  All classes are taught by Umm Nadia.

The Importance of Studying Prophetic Medicine

Explained by Shaykh Muqbil Bin Haadi Al-Waadi'ee


M. Hyman

"Maa’shaa’Allah I’m learning so much!!!"

L. Ling

"Jazakallah Khayr for sharing your knowledge about Islamic Herbalism. May Allah reward you and your team in abundance!"

N. Shoiab

"As Salam o Alaikum, JazakiAllah khair sister Nadia this is really very beneficial for holistic practitioners."

S. Moeen

"Well organized & delivered course, JZK."

A. Zulfiqar

"I have learned a lot in just week 1! Thank you so much for making this course! JazakAllah!"

J. Mohsin

"As-salaamu 'alaikum. Masha-Allah very useful information. Jazzakillahu khaira for offering this info for free! May Allah bless you. Ameen."

Medicine Courses For a Low Monthly Fee

Not quite ready to become a Registered Muslim Wellness Professional but would like to learn?  We have made it easy for non-members to take Islamic Medicine Courses for only $69/month.  All courses are 50% off for members.

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Financial Aid Programs for Those in Need

Our goal is to make our Islamic Wellness Programs available to Muslims all around the world.  Those in financial hardship may apply for a grant to access our services and courses for free.  Our grant based programs are available for a limited number of individuals per month.  If you would like to join our waiting list please click below

Financial Aid Waiting List

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