HA202: Herbal Actions

An In Depth Examination of Herbs from Qur'an & Sunnah.

This course is a part of the Muslim Herbalist Certification Program. 

Prerequisite:  IH101: Foundations of Islamic Herbalism.

HA202:  Herbal Actions:  An In-Depth Examination of Herbs from Qur'an & Sunnah

The next wave of students will be admitted on November 15th, 2021 in shaa Allah.

This 12 week course includes over 24 hours of pre-recorded "in class" time and 24 hours of independent study time.  

Topics covered in this course includes:

  • Studying active ingredients of plants from the Qur'an & Sunnah.
  • Examination of the 12 bodily systems and identifying herbs to support, maintain, and repair those systems;
  • Examination of the actions of 25 herbs;
  • Intermediate medicine making activities.

            and much more!

You must have completed IH101: Foundations of Islamic Herbalism as a prerequisite for this course.  To register for IH101 please click here:


As always homeschoolers are welcome but will need parental support.

This course is free.  There is certificate option available upon successful completion.  

Update 2/22/2021:  This course is currently open.  The Welcome video for this course is now available to view.  To gain immediate access please email the instructor at [email protected] 

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